Beef & Pork Processing

Butcher BeefBur-Pak offers processing services including slaughtering, cutting, wrapping and quick freezing of domestic animals: beef, pigs, sheep and goats. We also provide you with the option of a large variety of further processed items such as: sweet bologna, ring bologna, meat sticks, ham, bacon, dried beef, jerky, pork roll, scrapple, etc.

We would be delighted to prepare to your specifications, the animals you raise or we can make arrangements with a local farmer to provide you with high quality beef and pork.

For your peace of mind, we take care to keep your meat orders separate. The beef or pork you bring in to our butcher shop does not get shipped off-site for further processing. Your meat stays in the facility and is processed on-site.

Payment is due in full when you pick up your meat.  Visa, MasterCard, cash or personal check are accepted. All prices are subject to change. Products must be picked up from our butcher shop.

Beef & Pork Processing

Beef Processing Charges

Kill & Cut $0.38 per lb./$60.00 min
Hamburger Patties $0.45 per lb.
Chipped Steak $0.50 per lb.
Beef Sticks $3.25 per lb. + Pork Added
Ring Bologna $1.95 per lb. + Pork Added
Bologna $1.25 per lb.
Jerky $4.95 per lb.

Pork Processing Charges

Kill & Cut $80.00
Sausage – links or patties $0.60 per lb.
Breakfast Sausage $0.95 per lb.
Smoked Sausage $1.25 per lb.
Pork Roll $1.25 per lb.
Little Porkies $3.25 per lb.
Little Porkies w/cheese $3.75 per lb.

Other Fees

Vacuum Packing & Quick Freezing $0.49 per lb.
Curing & Smoking $0.90 per lb.
Scrapple $5.25 per pan
Puddings $6.75 per pan